Clarity MD

Highly Effective New Tool for the Treatment of Acne

Clarity MD system consists of two core products.  It treats various forms of acne including adult and teenage acne, both inflammatory and non-inflammatory, and moderate to severe acne.  The multifunctional botanical and salicylic ingredients address the causes of acne such as bacterial infections, clogged pores and an increase in oil production.  The results are incredible; a reduction in redness, swelling and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, yet it doesn’t over-dry or irritate skin.  

This is a very simple treatment regime which consists of a two-step process; washing the area to be treated with a deep pore cleanser followed by an application of the clarifying gel.  It is just that easy to use, twice a day!

The Clarity MD technology regulates oil production and acts as a potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent.  These botanicals are transported to the pore where they assist salicylic acid in shedding dead skin cells while loosening comedones and diminishing inflammation thus refining skin texture.

The Clarity MD kit works quickly!  Over 50% of the acne lesions are reduced in the first 7 days and 92% of the acne lesions are reduced in 14 days.  These products do not cause dry skin, redness, peeling, swelling or a stinging sensation when applied to the treated area!  PCX technology delivers the potent combination of salicylic acid, bakuchiol and bisabolol deep into the pores effectively delivering fast clinical results.